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Hello All,

The following is an email I got from my sister (bold added by me):

Hey... I visited a friend today who is cleaning out her dad's house and came across some stuff that I thought you'd like. Shawn, there's a box of golf balls that I picked up for you - 15 new balls, unused and unopened. Josh, there's an (deleted)-load of ammo that I thought you could use or would know someone who could use it. There are all different kinds - .22 and .45 caliber and several clips. They're stored in 3 metal cases that her dad had - I think he collected some besides just using them, because most of the boxes are unopened and labeled with the date they were bought. I can just keep the golf balls here, Shawn, since you'll be here in a couple of months anyway. I'm not sure about the ammo. Maybe Mom and Dad can bring them back with them when they move Shawn out. Anyway, just wanted to let you know you have presents in Norfolk! Hope things are going well. Love, Sarah
I love my sis! Can't wait to see what comes from Virginia!

Josh <><
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