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It appears that CZ75 series guns have some issues with the slide stops. I know of three incidences where slide stops have failed in heavy use guns. However, and remember one of my good friends is the CZ dealer here, when I see them in competition, they are out of the box guns and in the hands of very competent shooters who do well with them in IDPA competition. I would recommend that you have another slide stop fitted when you can do so.

Finally, with my experiences over the years, non-magazine induced stoppages are generally either related to extractor breakage (I always have at least one spare fitted for each 1911 style gun) or to a sorry tired recoil spring.

I am glad that your CZ was such a hit and wish you many more such. I think you will be pleased but forget buying a lottery ticket. You may have used up this weeks luck.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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