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My first CZ-75B

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Hello All,

I wanted to relay the story of how I aquired my first CZ 75 B and the steps I am taking in rehabbing an older previously owned pistol.

A week ago Friday, I had consigned a handgun at the local shooting range and called before leaving to pick up my check to ask the owner of the range if he had any CZ 75B's laying around. He replied, "yes, I've got one on the gunsmith's bench that I am getting ready to send out for repair". I asked, "how much do you want for it" and he replied, "it's broken, but if you give me $200.00, it's yours".

Well folks, dang rush hour traffic and all, I made it to the range in "record time" and went in to see what was what with the "broken" pistol. The owner led me back to the gunsmith's shop and tore the ticket from the gun, "ah, its got a broken slide stop and is missing the magazine". I did some quick calculations in my head and said "let's get 'er done" and went to fill out a 4473.

Believe me, I've been around a LOT of handguns over the past 20 years or so. I took the 75B home and got out some cleaning supplies and tools.

The slide stop was indeed broken and still inside the the handgun. I took a punch and gently pushed out the lever and the broken piece. I then fieldstripped the gun and started with the cleaning routine. The barrel and internal parts were in sore need of cleaning.

Shown is the 75B in the condition I purchased it in.

I cleaned it up and through the grime and oil shown a fairly well shot pistol with a very worn recoil spring and some slight peening to the barrel cam. Not to be disuaded I continued to work on 'er.

A very dear friend sent a package to me containing the much needed slide stop, new recoil springs, CZ rubber grips, magazines and new grip screws. I am very much indebted to him and here is the CZ-75-B in its "rehabbed condition".

Here is the CZ in its newly rehabbed condition

The other night, I repainted the sights and now it is in functioning condition and ready for its debut at the Indoor Shooting Range. With the new grips, it fits my hand to a "T" and feels even more lively in my grip.

Soon enough, I will follow up with a range report. I am indeed excited about this newly aquired handgun!


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Howdy Mr. Chris,

I am grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary sir. Do I hear a new case of CZitis here. Welcome to the club sir. Not that I think it really looked all the bad in the "before" pic. But it is amazing what a good cleaning and a nice set of CZ rubber grips have done to it. Looking at the "after" pic it is hard to recognize it as the same pistol.

It will be interesting to read your thoughts after you have been able to dance with your "new" lady. When you do get to shoot it, we look forward to hearing your thoughts Mr. Chris.

Enjoy it sir, I think you will find it to be a very reliable, accurate pistol.

Nice find. I'm glad you had good luck with repairing it. Like Twoguns, I'll be waiting for a range report. :)
Hi there all,

I finally made it to the range this morning. It was "hotter than a Tobacco Barn" in the unairconditioned range and concentration lagged with the soaring heat and humidity.

I took the CZ-75B and about 100 rounds of the Winchester White Box ammunition. I had 2 failures to eject in about 50 rounds, which I believe were mechanically caused, but realiability is going to be an issue until I replace the extractor spring.

Accuracy was "CZsational" and I am very pleased with the handling characteristics of the 75B.

It was a pleasant firearm to shoot, recoil was negligible and I will continue to work it up to its full potential with a few parts, i.e. new extractor and extractor spring.

I believe that I will be well served by this fine firearm.

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Howdy Mr. Chris,

Well sir, you have a bit more shade in your range than I do with mine, but your humidity would make yours much worse to me too. Too bad they could not put some fans in there for the hotter months at least.

On the malfunctions, two thoughs readily come to mind. I have often read on the CZ forum that crud can build up over time behind the extractor and reduce its effectiveness when dirty. So check to make sure all the crud was removed from that area during your recent cleaning - althought I suspect you did so.

I would also call the factory, and explain the parts you have problems with. I will be both surprised and a bit depressed if they do not send you those parts free of charge. But please let us know their response if you do contact them.

I am glad to hear you enjoyed how it felt in your hands, and your target does suggest that you liked it too sir. When I shot my 9mm on Saturday, I used primarily the Win 124gr FMJ Nato loads, and was happy to see that it shot POA/POI for me at 7 and 10 yards. I was curious to see how it would group with the nightsighs that had been installed for me.

I read that these pistols tend to handle just about any round well, but most folks think they shoot the best with the 124gr range bullets. So if you get a chance and can find some or have some, I would be curious to see how your new lady likes the Nato rounds or something very close.

I hear the words of another potential person afflicted with CZitis here too Mr. Chris, which is always nice to read. Please keep us in the loop as you get to shoot your 75B more and try different loads in her.

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Hi there,

I thought about the malfunctions all afternoon and on the advice of a friend called CZ-USA and spoke directly with Mr. Mike Eagleshield. Mr. Eagleshield is CZ's head gunsmith.

Mr. Eagleshield recommended that I remove the extractor and clean underneath it. I asked if I needed a new extractor spring and he said, "no just clean under the extractor". I confirmed with him the direction the extractor retaining pin needed to be drifted (from the top of the slide down through the bottom).

Getting my tools and bench block out, I proceeded to remove the extractor. Using a Midway plastic gun pick, I took some solvent, flooded the extractor cut and then used a patch to remove the "gunk". Indeed, my efforts were rewarded with a 1/8" ball of "crud" that came out of the extractor cut.

Using my pin punch as a "slave pin", I drifted the extractor and spring back into place.

Voila! We will see tomorrow whether or not this "cured" my extraction problems, but I am 99% sure that it did.

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Howdy Mr. Chris,

If I were a betting man (and I ain't, lol), I suspect you have just solved you functioning issue. At least I sure do hope you have.

I will be waiting to see how it goes for you tomorrow when you get back to your "sauna". I don't envy you Mr. Chris. Up until 98, I have always lived in states along the southern coast. So I do realize the humidity you folks have to contend with, and I sure don't miss it one bit.

I spent 8 years in fun filled south FL (aka the Miami area), and I can not even begin to imagine shooting in an indoor range that was not air conditioned.

Good luck and please let us know how your pistol performs tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed.

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Well, I just got back from the range and the suggestion of the 124 grain Winchester NATO ammo was an excellent one.

The ammunition is very accurate in the CZ and the pistol functioned flawlessly.

Here is a picture of the completely rehabbed CZ:

I ran 64 rounds of the NATO through it and another 50 rounds of the Winchester White Box 115 grain FMJ. Not a miscue anywhere. I must admit that I was fairly spooked yesterday with the 2 malfunctions that I had.

Now, my confidence is restored!

Good friends, good guns=priceless results.

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Howdy Mr. Chris,

I am really glad to hear your new lady danced so smoothly with you sir. She even liked the 115s after de-crudding the extractor. I do understand what you mean about how a malfunction can throw you. An malfunction in one of mine does the same to my confidence level too. So finding a quick and inexpensive cure for one is even nicer. I have to tip my hat to Mr. Mike, CZ head gunsmith too, for telling you just to clean it out, rather than wanting to sell you spare parts that were obviously not needed.

I do have to admit, I really like this brand of pistol. It reminds me of a close HP cousin, and it can still be found in many places at a very reasonable price. If I ever fell into a deal like you did sir, I would be all over it in a heartbeat too. So I am really glad you jumped when you had the chance like you did.

Please keep us in the loop as you have the chance to spend more time with your newest lady on the range. When you have the chance to try various HP loads in her, I would be curious to see which you felt were the most accurate in yours. I am sure Mr. LelandRay would be happy to share his experiences on his preferred loads in his, as I will as well once I have been able to shoot mine with various HP loads to see what seems best in mine. Hopefully other members will offer their experiences with the 75B in 9mm as well. They are sleepers in my view, and eventually when the words gets out more widely, I suspect their price tags will reflect that then. You did get a great deal on yours Mr. Chris. Maybe I need to cruise some area gun stores and see what I can find in them too, lol.

It is a ways down the road for me still, as I have several more CZ pistols I want to get first, and I don't have a money tree out back, lol. But eventually I am seriously considering getting a CZ rifle or two as well. I only hear good things about them, and based on my view of their pistols, would expect good things from their rifles too.

Please keep us in the loop on this one Mr. Chris.

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Great deal! The advice on the extractor was spot on, I've done that once or twice on my 75 B's.

It's hard to go wrong with CZ! As far as another CZ pistol goes, if you like .40 S&W, be on the lookout for a CZ-40B (the guts of a CZ-75 with a 1911 grip angle) or a 40P (frame of a CZ-P01 with a CZ-40B slide). Neither are made anymore, but sometimes turn up NIB for about $300. Also check out the CZ-52 (7.62x25) and the CZ-82 (9mm Mak), both are C&R eligible.
Howdy Mr. Mackerelsnapper1,

First welcome to the site sir. Second, thanks for the heads up on those models. I am most familar with the 75B DA/SA manual in 40 and the SP-01 DA/SA manual. But I will keep my eyes out for those 40s you mentioned. If I come across one I will see how they feel.

Well Folks,

Indeed, it does keep getting better and better!

I went to the range this morning in the blazing SC Heat and it was 82 degrees inside the range at 9:00AM this morning. Not to be daunted, I left the house with 3 Mec Gar Magazines loaded with 18 rounds each of 124 grain Winchester NATO ball ammo.

On B-27 targets rapid fire at 10 yards this morning, the results were indeed impressive:

Now I am up to 300 trouble free rounds out of the CZ-75B and would consider it ready for "serious social purposes".

Now that the slide stop and recoil spring have been replaced and the front sight repainted, this CZ-75B just hums along like a sewing machine. I did notice that the slide would close when the magazine was forcefully inserted, thus chambering a round. Talk about speed reloads!

My rapid fire and accurate shooting brought much attention from the firing line this morning as CZ's just are not very common in my neck of the woods.

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Howdy Mr. Chris,

Well I would say you and your newest lady do indeed make a find couple sir. Nice rapid fire target for sure.

There is nothing wrong with starting a trend either to me. Maybe your range will start carrying some and parts and mags will be easier for you then too if you need them.

I thought is was interesting when I first saw the 75B 40 and 9 on the display pegs at Sportsmans Warehouse. I had a clerk in firearms hand me one of each separately, so I could check them out. He asked me if I knew anything about them, as he did not. When I got through discussing the pistols with him he said he might buy one himself, as they were well priced there, and I had his interest in them after pointing out several features to him. I thought it was sort of nice the customer could sell the clerk on one for a change too, hehehe.

The proof of any firearm to me is indeed in the shooting. If you had other shooters watching you and asking questions, the 75B probably did impress them Mr. Chris, along with the operator. Nothing wrong with that at all to me.

Enjoy it sir, and I do think you fell into a great deal and she sure looks like a keeper to me.

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It appears that CZ75 series guns have some issues with the slide stops. I know of three incidences where slide stops have failed in heavy use guns. However, and remember one of my good friends is the CZ dealer here, when I see them in competition, they are out of the box guns and in the hands of very competent shooters who do well with them in IDPA competition. I would recommend that you have another slide stop fitted when you can do so.

Finally, with my experiences over the years, non-magazine induced stoppages are generally either related to extractor breakage (I always have at least one spare fitted for each 1911 style gun) or to a sorry tired recoil spring.

I am glad that your CZ was such a hit and wish you many more such. I think you will be pleased but forget buying a lottery ticket. You may have used up this weeks luck.
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The newer slide stop seems be a one piece design compared to the older one and the old recoil spring was indeed worn and tired.

Like you sir, I do believe in keeping spares on hand and as for the luck--I certainly believe that good maintainence and a experienced hand will solve any future ills.


Hi Chris!

I'm not very present on the forum these times, sorry! But I'd like to congratulate you for your new CZ 75 B! I'm definitively fond of CZ 75/85 pistols!!! My first centerfire pistol was a CZ 85 B, and I love shooting with it. IMHO the CZ 75/85 is the most beautiful semi-auto ever produced!!

Best regards!


Private PS: if you come to Switzerland soon, let me know!
Chris, remind me not to make you mad at me!

You totally ruined a perfectly good target, but the question is, after cutting such a big hole in and around the X ring, how did you know where your rounds were landing? :)
Hello Jonas and Leland,

Jonas, I believe I will be back in Switzerland by next summer if my plans go accordingly well this fall/winter. I will join you for a fine raclette if you invite me!

Leland, I really enjoy shooting the CZ very, very fast and with my 18 round Mec Gars I really enjoy cutting the center out of the B-27's. I actually enjoy shooting as a form of stress relief and I had quite a bit a stress that day!

Thank you,

Hello Chris, I'm new to this forum and I am a relatively new owner of a CZ75B myself. I bought mine new but I wished I had shopped around and bought a used one by the looks of your photos. I certainly do not regret buying the CZ but its obviously a shooter, even the well used ones seem to do well after minimal refurbishing. Have you thought of buying a holster for it? How about wooden grips? I am thnking of getting some wooden ones for mine. BTW, congratulations on a successful purchase.
Howdy Mr. Ksheater,

Welcome to the site sir. I am the proud owner of two 75Bs in 40, and one SP-01 in 9mm, along with the Kadet Kit (22lr conversion system). As far as holsters for the 75B go, I am a big fan of the Don Hume 721OT, which in my opinion is a very nicely made OWB holster with body shield, at a very reasonable price. I use one 721OT per pistol, rather than trying to use mulitple similary weapons in the same holster.

I am just set in my ways in that respect, as in my view one holster should be used with one pistol. I also feel if the fit ever becomes too loose, I can simply refit the holster to the pistol by wet forming, since these are leather holsters. But to date I have yet to loosen any of my 721OT with any of my various pistols. They seem to be very hardy units to me, and I am well satisfied with mine.

I have found that the 721OT marked for the 1911 Commander lenght barrel fits my 75B 40s perfectly. The next time you are in a gun store that sells these Don Humes and have your 75B with you, you may want to try one of these for fit and features. Just a suggestion to consider. Or you can certainly order one, marked for the 75B off the Don Hume website.

Hope this helps a little on the holster issue anyway.

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