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I'm looking for reviews and info on the Browning Buckmark. Anyone seen any?
Hi Jonny,

(This is Re: "Mr. Camp's Reviews" so I don't know what will constitute going off-topic. I'll take a chance and continue with a comment on the Buckmark.)

I have a Camper model I picked up for a song. Terrific accuracy, but up until recently I had been plagued with light strikes and other related issues. So debilatating were the malfunctions that I had to forgo an invitation to join a Bullseye team.

I was not pleased.

But recently the problem seems to have mysteriously vanished.

I think what you will find in the Buckmark is a fine, tight pistol built to Brownings high standards that just naturally requires a break-in period.

This was a foreign concept to me, as I've had only a few handguns, most of which were used. If you pick up a Buckmark, shoot the living HECK out of it before you pass judgement.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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