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Mr. Camp's Reviews

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I have owned three great inexpensive pistols that Mr. Camp has done excellent reviews on: Bersa Thunder 380, Markarov, and Taurus PT-92. They are all favorites of mine and I appreciate that he has stepped out of the mainstream of the big name and high-end manufacturers to do these super well-done reviews on some very good, but inexpensive pistols.
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Do you know how to make the mag release on the Taurus 92 into lefty configuration?

I need to get ahold of a better digicam (borrow my parents') before I can post pics on how to reverse it.

I'm a lefty but leave it in righty mode because it's just faster to hit with my middle finger of my left hand.

My best combat group to date is sub-2" @25yds. It's posted elswhere on this board. If you've not seen it I'll post the thread.

Good pistols, mine's daily carry

Josh <><
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Hello, and thanks for the kind words. I try and hit as many areas within the handgun community as I can. I'm glad the posts/articles were of interest.

I'm looking for reviews and info on the Browning Buckmark. Anyone seen any?
Thats one of the reasons I joined. The .38 spl is a particular favorite of mine (along with the .380) and Mr Camp has done some excellent reviews of a variety of both types of guns and ammunition for them.
JohnnyC, I have a Buckmark here. Fun little pistol. Somewhat finicky on takedown, there's at least one plastic part, but it's extremely accurate. Although the Ruger Gov't Models feel much more solid to me, I detest their bottom mounted mag release and prefer the Buckmark's conventional style mag release. The Buckmark also has nicer grips.
I'm looking for reviews and info on the Browning Buckmark. Anyone seen any?
Hi Jonny,

(This is Re: "Mr. Camp's Reviews" so I don't know what will constitute going off-topic. I'll take a chance and continue with a comment on the Buckmark.)

I have a Camper model I picked up for a song. Terrific accuracy, but up until recently I had been plagued with light strikes and other related issues. So debilatating were the malfunctions that I had to forgo an invitation to join a Bullseye team.

I was not pleased.

But recently the problem seems to have mysteriously vanished.

I think what you will find in the Buckmark is a fine, tight pistol built to Brownings high standards that just naturally requires a break-in period.

This was a foreign concept to me, as I've had only a few handguns, most of which were used. If you pick up a Buckmark, shoot the living HECK out of it before you pass judgement.
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