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Model 39-2

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Hello. I am new to this forum - it appears very informative and I am glad I found it. Back 30-35 years ago I was a very active shooter, and even sold guns for a period of time. I haven't shot much since the early '70s though, and what knowledge I have left is very dated. I am just now getting back into shooting.
A question: I have an olde S&W Model 39-2 that I bought around '73. It is in excellent shape, and I very much like the feel, trigger pull, and action of this gun. Is it OK to shoot the modern higher pressure rounds such as +P?
Steve Broadwell
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SBroadB9, SAC is a better person to respond to this than me but I will give it a go. I really don't see a need for +P 9mms and I am quite content to use 115gr standard factory hollow points for self defense. If I need something that is more potent I will use a 45acp pistol. An example of my thinking is I do not believe one round of +P ammo has gone through my Browning High Power pistols. Regards, Richard:D
Welcome to this forum, which I am sure you will enjoy. I too have a 39-2 of approximately the same age as yours. I have refrained from firing other than standard pressure loads through it, simply because I don't want to accelerate wear and tear on this fine old pistol. Besides there are some very effective standard pressure loads on the market now.

I suggest that you contact S & W through their Web site and ask their recommendation.
Thanks guys. When I got the pistol (used, from the Police Chief of a county here in metro Atlanta), it had only been fired less than 100 times. Back then, there was a lot of talk that alloy frames wouldn't hold up too well. Nowadays, with steel frames not so predominant, there probably wouldn't be so much concern. Guess I have fired maybe 2,000 rounds thru it, and so far no problems. I'll just stick with the standard pressure stuff.
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