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I've had my smith model 28 .357 magnum for about 10 years now. It's a 28-2, 6", with target grips, adj sites and combat hammer/trigger.
It has proven itself time and again as a reliable sidearm, accurate as all getup. When I purchased it years ago, I got it for the price of $200, unfired, from a friend who bought it as a nightstand gun.

An N frame in 6" for a nightstand gun Not my first choice, but whatever.
Even though I had my workhorse "Highway Patrolman", I always lusted for the same gun in the 4" version;
I purchased a 2 3/4" Ruger Security-six as my short "backpacking woods gun", but still had the fever for that N frame.....
Well last evening, while browsin' round one of my local haunts, I finally wandered across a 4" 28-2, mfg. in '72 or '73. It's in about 70% condition, looking like it was well used, but taken care of. It had no price tag upon it, so I inquired. $165 was the askin price, minus 10% cause it was a used gun that "was not moving".....
So after Jersey tax and NICS, she's mine for less than $200! Whooopie!

My thought was, since her finish is failing, is to either send her back to Smith for their tune-up and master reblue, or to give her a satin hard-chrome finish, from Tripp research, thus truly protecting her from the elements.

Here's what's spurring my quest for a re-finish...


The blue 28 pictured in this Smith thread[listed in the above url]
is in MUCH better shape cosmetically than the one I am buying.
This is why the redooooooo!

If it turns out 1/2 as nice as that chrome gun......

She at least in the pics I have taken, does not appear in that bad of shape.
Her "flats and Edges" have wear, right down to the white... mostly holster I'm guessin, as she sure sings off a Law enforcement gun by her wear.
Though the pics do not portray, all blueing is worn off her triggerguard.
there are two good scrapes upon the bottom of her "half - lug", and her trigger is "sticky".

I have her soaking in Hoppes as we speak, as upon removal of the side plate, I found 33 years of junk.

So these are the before pics...

Decisions, decisions....what to do.

Whaddya think guys?



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Hi there EffEnn,

If it were my Model 28 and since it has no historic value, I would send it to S&W and have them rebuild it, repolish it and reblue it. For $200.00, you can't go wrong.

Since the skill in the rebluing is in the polishing to get the edges crisp again, I think that the factory is the best place to send it.


Hell, I think I would use the M28 as is for a shooter. If you can not do that I can recommend Ford's Guns for refinishing. Regards, Richard

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Excellent purchase price. I've never heard of a firearms business admit a item is not moving and give a extra 10% off? Let S&W re-finish it.
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