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I just watched a show which said that the military has a goal to replace all ammo with nylon, tungsten, or steel core ammunition by 2008.

As well, they're playing with limited range projectiles that blow up after a certain range, and "smart bullets" which can tell if they're hitting a wall and act as a frangible, or if they hit meat, act similarly to a hollowpoint.

The first is what surprised me though - has anyone heard anything about the replacement of lead core ammunition by next year?

Josh <><

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Mr. Josh,

I just watched the same program a couple of hours ago, and it was a surprise to me as well. I should be going to my buddy's gun store within the next couple of weeks. Several of his clerks are either active or recently retired military personnel from the base 5 blocks away. I will ask them what they can tell me about it.

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