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man mak e german is high ??

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i am biding on a east german mak !! takeing it high im at 335.00 now !!! is that too much guys ??? its in great shape !!
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will its done i got it a 1 owner nice east german for 335.00 but it is in very good shape and the guy i bought it from is so nice and helpfull dont think we would ever lie. he is a police officer in cconnecticut retired i think haveing trouble getting his retirment check.said he needed money for santa !!! thx guys
Hello. Let us know how it shoots. If you enjoy your EG even half as much as I do mine, it was money well spent.


PS: FWIW I've found that the Barnaul 95-gr. JHP shoots as good as anything and better than some. It's been surprisingly consistent over the chronograph.
I love my EG, however, I don't think I personally would go that high. Maybe at a gunshow where I can poke around a little. I still see Bulgarians at shows for less than $200. Yes, it's not an EG but they seem to run great from what I've heard.

But if you have your heart set on an EG, go for it. If you're unsure ask if the seller can take a couple more pics and email them to you. Everytime I've sold stuff online I always said that if you want more pics, just ask! I think it also shows that I'm trying to be up front and honest.

The EG are the best of the bunch, and ditto on the Barnaul 95 JHP.
Sounds like a fair price to me. They are few and far between, thats for sure. If you found one in real good shape, then you did good and its a keeper. Post a picture if you can.

The Bulgarians are going for around 150 out here in AZ.

Silver Bear and Brown Bear work very well for me. Wolf is the only 9x18 that has ever failed to feed in my two maks. Even the new Wolf polymer coated stuff jams. I haven't tried the U.S. stuff since it is comparatively expensive.

yeah ill get a pic in ASAP !!
I paid $400 for this EG Mak and it included everything in the picture plus 500 rounds of ammo, 10 pair of Russian grips, and 7 magazines. Regards, Richard:D
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Richard -
Does the Mak in the pic still have the stock sights? If so, have they been hardchromed like the rest of the gun? Did Virgil Tripp do the HC work? I'd like to see more pics...nice looking gun!
Catbird, thanks for the compliment. The pistol was hard chromed by Virgil Tripp and the sights were blackened after. The rear sight was veed out similar to a AO rear. I intend to have an AO night sight put on the front. Lastly, I want to show you my Bulgie Mak. It was also hard chromed by Virgil Tripp and it wears Novak night sights that were intended for a Colt Gov't .380. All the other work was done by Marianne Carniak. Regards, Richard:D
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RICHARD. you said WG?you mean east german ?or is there a west german mak ?i picked up a mak at a little gun store. and it says germany on the side also has AW 9062, on the slide and frame!!! on the frame it has 61? it has more but it is hard to read ? but the action is slick as butter just like the east german guns !! tell me what i have ?? jon bellamy

I've got several brands of Maks. I haven't found a bad one but even in the same brand some are a little better than others.
It's generally accepted that the EG is the best of the best.

If you are new to Makarovs you might find this torture test I did on a new Bulgarian Mak interesting. :)

You might think about getting a new Wolf recoil spring. ($9 at makarov.com)
I've found the spring is too weak on some of the old Maks.
17 pounds is standard, 19 is best all around (IMHP), I use 21.

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