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Makarov ??

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hey guys. witch makarov is the best to buy? everybody makes 1, german ,polish ??? i want the best made makarov. if i had to guess it would be the german ??
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Hello. I have Russian and Bulgarian Makarovs. Both are really excellent shooters. Its hard to tell the difference for me. The German Maks are supposed to be the best, but I have never seen one.

For a more in depth analysis from someone who really knows his business, Teddy Jacobson recently did a Makarov comentary on his blog site. (actionsbyt.com I think is the address) Also, Makarov.com has some excellent stuff on them.

Look for a Bulgarian Makarov. Note if there is a rating on the box, like 'excellent'. Then examine the pistol carefully. Look for signs of cosmoline, like remove the magazine and maybe see some up in the mag well. It should come with 2 magazines and if truely surplus Bulgarian, the magazines will have matching serial numbers, maybe.
Then check the chamber and bore. If it is still in new condition you should see chrome plating, not shiney, but sorta dull chrome, indicating it is new and never fired. Check for slide lockback, trigger pull, etc. You don't want any signs of rust.
If no box and no signs of the above, or signs of rust, I'd suspect it as heavily used and pass it up.
Good luck,
The East German, Russian and Bulgarian models are actual makarov's. Other guns in 9x18 are not true makarov's. This has to do with design and parts compatabilty.

The above mentioned sites have great info.

I have a EG which is completely reliable. Love the thing. My father has german, russian and bulgarian mak's. We joke that it's the family gun

I previously had a Hungarian PA-63 in 9x18. Only had it out once. Kicked like a mule. Traded it soon there after.

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Hello. I've had excellent luck with the Bulgarian and EG-made Makarov pistols. For the money I find these extremely difficult to beat and have been more than a little surprised at the accuracy they're capable of with loads they "like."

A bit heavy and large for caliber, they are loads of fun to shoot and seem very strongly built.

The East German, Russian and Bulgarian models are actual makarov's. Other guns in 9x18 are not true makarov's[...]
Hello Jonboy,

Steelheart's right and I'll add that the Chinese is also a "real Makarov". (For the purist, Russian military issue is the only true Pistolet Makarova.)

My take is this.
The Russians made a finely machined commercial Mak with adjusatble sights, but with a lesser finish.

The Bulgarians made a good showing with a nicely done machining/finishing combination.
(It should be noted that the commercial Russian "IZH-70" is the only one with an adjustable sight. I prefer the Bulgarian with the fixed [if tiny] blade.)

The Chinese cranked out an "acceptable" product that looked good, but failed the collectors critical eye. Some of the traditionally machined parts were stamped and the finishes were inconsistent.
Hey. They work. It's puzzing to me that these should be among the most costly. Probably due to availability. They're rare.

The East German Mak... Ah! Now there's a Mak. Not the coveted Russian PM, but -- in terms of Makarov pistols -- a fine specimen. Good condition pieces will tend to have a deep, dark blued finish, finely crafted machining with well-finished machine marks (if any can be found), and (if I'm any judge) a buttery smooth action.

All that blathering said, I like the Bulgarian Makarov for my money. Of good quality, it will serve me well as a daily carry or truck gun that cares little of dings and scratches. They're plentiful. And the cost is low. ($200 would be my top end for an absolutely excellent condition [perhaps even non-issued] Bulgie Mak.)

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thx guys !!
Whatever Makarov you get, the main (and only) complaint I had or ever heard of were the small sights are a little hard to see and align. Especially for us old coots with poor eyesight.
So what I did was put a drop of bright orange fingernail polish on the front sight and a drop on each side of the rear sight.
Tried to find some flourescent green but had to settle for the orange.
(On Stephen's main site he noted a problem using Russian Brown Bear ammo with an E.German Mak. But the Brown Bear is hard to find and Barnaul is what most folks use. Also, Federal now makes 9x18 FMJ and Hornady has a JHP round. I've no problems with any ammo I've tried in my Bulgarian Mak.)

Good luck, give us a range report when you get yours.
thx guys. its nice to have friends that is willing to help the dumn people in the world !!
The E.G. guns are really nice but the price is going up so much they are no longer shooters but collectibles. For an all around shooter, get the Bulgarian.

Makarov.com just got in some personal defense ammo for the Mak. It is 85 grain with a polymer cap to make it feed reliably and it comes out of the barrel at 1250 fps. They just got it in so I haven't been able to try it but I have some on the way.

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