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Fired my Bulgy Mak today for the 1st time and was very favorably impressed. I only had time time to put 100 rds thru it but was struck by its accuracy and controllability. I guess its the weight of the all steel construction that makes it seem like a mild recoiling pistol.

But I was REALLY surprised at its accuracy - closely grouped shots on or close to the bulls-eye aimed casually at seven yards. Its a tribute to this small, blowback pistol with crummy sights that makes me a better shooter than I should be

This one is definitly a keeper and I now have the excuse to try out a variety of ammo as it looks to be my main summer CCW!

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Here's a few loads I chronographed recently, to give you an idea of what the Makarov is doing.

Commercial ammo.

1. Hornady Custom 95gr XTP JHP---921 FPS

2. Sellier & Bellot 95gr FMJ---980 FPS

3. Silver Bear 120gr JHP---1000 FPS

4. Barnaul 95gr JHP---1000 FPS

5. Fiocchi 95gr FMJ---1015 FPS (bought in Jan 98)

6. Federal Hi-Shok 90gr JHP---981 FPS (looks like Speer GD bullet)


1. Light load. 95gr LRN, 3gr Bullseye---764 FPS (very accurate and functions with a 21 pound recoil spring)

2. Defense load. 90gr Speer GD JHP, 4.2 gr Accurate Arms #2---1094 FPS (powder charge is .3 less than the max shown in the Speer manual)

3. Experimental load. 110gr 38 (.357) JSP/HP---806 FPS (the powder charge was full for a 95gr .364 Mak bullet but there is blow by and a loss of velocity with the smaller diameter bullet, in a pinch light 38 bullets can be loaded for the Mak )
When I have time I'm going to bring this bullet up to 1000+ FPS and see how it preforms. It's pretty accurate as is.

BTW, all the loads were very accurate and as normal functioned without a hitch.
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