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Wife bought me one for our 1st anniv.
. What a cool gun!!!

Nice finish, butter smooth, can't give a the best description. WHAT A NICE GUN!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Camp, please attempt a review. Folks need to know what a nice firearm this is. No, it's not a "First production" model. It is a new one with all the good stuff

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Mr. Camp,

If you are unable to find one, I might be able to loan mine. I currently carry it ccw, but I also have my Bersa which would hold me over during testing.

Just an idea if one is unobtainable in your neck of the woods.

Thanks, TEB

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From what I have read the recoil spring doesn't hold up as well as a full sized P35. If my memory is correct you have to change the recoil soring every 1,000 rounds. Regards, Richard

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Hello, Richard. I don't remember the count but you are correct that for whatever reason the small HP cut down ("chopped & channeled" as used to be written) by Mr. Laughridge at C&S went through recoil springs pretty quickly.
I'm not sure of the size of his gun's dimensions compared to the Detective, but they appear very visually similar.

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