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I wish I had run across this a few months ago.

This pistol is known simply as the High Power and has no additional model designation. Post-war High Power would place it in time. Some refer to it as the Classic. Only the Canadian made Inglis pistols were called the Mk 1.

By the mark on the trigger guard, an "I" with three sides of a box, and by the way the "I" is positioned in this partial box, I think the frame was stamped in the third quarter of 1961.

The *K is the mark of Delsaux Walthere, a Controller of Proof from 1929-1968. If that mark is a *H... it is of Woit Christophe 1938-1968.

Serial numbers are often not reliable as manufacture dates in these older pistols. If the chart says 1962, that is possibly when Browning received the shipment with this pistol. The "Visible Extractor Model" was introduced in 1962. There was likely some overlap in production from old to new.

-I am wondering if the slide has the Classic Thumbprint on the right near the front.

-If Timmy Bethea is still monitoring this thread, I'd love to see pix of other marks similar to the one on the right front of the trigger guard. The barrel, hammer and recoil spring retention plate are all likely spots for a date code stamp. The date on other parts is sometimes different, often later than the stamp on the frame.

My only post-war era pistol is an FN marked one from 1950, before Browning began selling them in the US. I imagine some GI bought it at the PX and brought it home. It is in pretty great condition, similar to yours... and a great shooter after a full spring change and some updates!


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