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Kel Tec P3AT shoots like a target pistol

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Hi there all,

As part of my weekly time off from work routine, I headed down to the range yesterday and took my FEG PJK-9HP and Kel Tec P3-AT with me for a little shooting.

I ran 1 box of Mag Tech through the P3-AT with expected results, i.e. flyers all over the target.

For my second round, I ran a box of Remington UMC .380 through the diminutive P3-AT and managed some nice one-hole ragged groups at 10 yards. Even with the rudimentary sights.

Has anyone had a similiar experience with a small pocket pistol? My little Kel Tec is a keeper! I'm thinking of giving the other Kel Tec, P-32, to my wife!

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I've found that once the sight picture is figured out the KT 32 and 380 are surprisingly accurate for what they are.

Small guns are surprising.

I used to do a lot of plinking with the 2 inch S&W J Frames at 50 and 90 yards.
The little gun would easily keep all shots COM in a silouette target at 50 yards and did pretty well at 90.

Even the little Polish P64 9x18 (Makarov) will shoot about an eight inch group at 50 yards.
All of the KTs are surprisingly accurate for guns w/ 3 inch barrels. In a review of the PF-9, one of the gun mags actually compared the little wonder to a target gun!

I believe the "gun mag" I was referring to is the Nov. 07 issue of "Combat Handguns" I was glad to see them cover something other than an expensive 1911 .45 and glad they gave a very favorable review to the inexpensive Kel-Tec. I loved the P11 I had before it got stolen so I'm buying another one.
I love my little P3AT, it is surprising how well the little gun shoots.
My little Kel-Tec in 32 auto is very accurate as long as I just point and shoot. If I aim with the sites I have a problem.
I bought another KT P11. This one has the .40 magazine, so it will hold 12 rounds of 9mm Luger.

I'm buying a P3-AT and would love to hear from other P3 owners about what ammo works best and any problems you may have had with it. If I can learn to shoot it as well as denfoote I'll be proud of myself!
i recently bought a Kel-Tec P3-AT for myself since my wife appropriated my Seecamp .32

i was hesitant about the kel-tec at first because it feels like a piece of junk, toy like if you will, and many accounts of them needing several trips back to factory to get them to stumble through a single magazine.....

i am pleased to say that i have a little over 200 flawless rounds right out of the box with my P3-AT.

and it shoots better than i do im sure...i can put six rounds in about a 2" group at 7 yards with this gun.
I love my P3AT too! Haven't shot as well as many of you, have used PMC 90gr FMJ, Wolf 94gJHP and Speer GoldDot 90 g hps - all functioned well.

Biggest factor is that it's small enough, I carry it when I otherwise would go unarmed.
I've only used WWB FMJs and DoubleTap 90g Gold Dots in mine, and accuracy was very good with both. I just wish .380 ammo was cheaper. It's a fun gun too shoot. I carry mine always, and trust it 100%.
Dear Folks,
I'll be getting my P3-AT within a couple of weeks and will post a range report as soon as I can.
Mine is very accurate. They shoot a lot better than most people think. I've wrapped bicycle tubing over the grip to fatten it up and shaved some of the ridge off the bottom of the trigger guard with an exacto knife and it tamed it down quite a bit. Last time I took it out it was actually fun to shoot!
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