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Kel-Tec, P-11

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I picked up a Kel-Tec, P-11, 9mm a couple of days ago. Took it to the range to start breaking it in. I ran 70 rounds of hardball through it (sorry, I don't know the bullet weight) with one failure to eject. The bolt tried to shove the empty case back into the chamber along with the next round coming up from the magazine. I didn't think that was too bad for a brand new out of the box gun. The stopage came about round 30 or so, and the next 40ish went through without a glitch.

The recoil was very managable. I was a little concerned since I'd never shot a 9mm, and this is a small light-weight gun. The grip is small; my little finger doesn't get any bite at all, but it wasn't a problem. I didn't do any really fast fire, but just squeezed them off as I got back on target. The trigger pull is long, but not heavy.

It's not a target gun, but I was able to keep my groups to a reasonable size shooting offhand. (7 yards) At one point I noticed everything was grouping right. When I realized I was sort of canting the pistol a bit, and made a point to hold it straight up, the groups went to POA.

All in all, nice gun for the money. At less than $275.00 it was the least expensive 9mm I saw, and in the same range as a lot of 380's, and only a little more than the Makarov 9x18.

Late Update: Put another 55 rounds through it today. No problems at all.
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I've had mine for a couple years now. If you want more info about your p-11... there's a Kel-Tec support group list on Yahoo.com. It's frequently off topic, but if you have any questions it is the place to ask.

You can find them from the Kel-Tec page:


Look under Information. Click on the KTOG link... and sign up for the list... if you dare! Plenty of info if you don't.

Congrats on your new tool!

Hi there cajunbass,

I took my Kel Tec P-11 to the range this week and put 200 rounds of ammo through it using Federal Independence, CCI Lawman and Winchester White Box 115 grain ammunition.

The P-11 is starting to smooth out and the trigger pull is actually starting to feel lighter than the 9 pound as advertised pull. My P-11 also had a few "hiccups" before it would run flawlessly before this session, which I attribute to its newness.

I ordered a spare magazine (which arrived yesterday) and put the Hogue Handall Grip on it. With the grip, it is much more comfortable to shoot.

Congradulations on your new purchase and I hope that you will enjoy your P-11 as much as I enjoy mine.

Kel-Tec makes a good rig...never had any trouble out of my Nickel P11.
Just put another 200 rounds through my P11. I think that shooting it is the best way to get the trigger pull into manageable ranges (about 1200 rounds through mine at this point). Definitely a back up weapon for me as the Glock 26 does the job better and my trigger finger doesn't get as chewed up. Makes you appreciate "real" guns more.
No complaints on P11 value.
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