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I have a K-40 Elite 98, I went with the Elite 98 because it had at that time what KAHR called a Combat Trigger, the Elite trigger sys. has alot shorter take-up than the other KAHR's. I was told by KAHR about a year ago, that ALL KAHR's now come with the same short trigger sys., wheater it's an Elite or not, so if your's is a older one, you could up-grade the trigger sys., or send it in and have it done by KAHR.

My KAHR has never missed a beat, and I think they are a pretty good pistol, but, I don't like the fact that you really need the take-down block to hold the slide at the right spot to knock the slide stop out for dissembly, at least I do anyway.

FWIW: I have NO problem keeping 3 hulls in the air with the short trigger sys., it's reset is SHORT! I just wish I would have gotten a 9 instead of a .40.

Take Care,
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