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Hello. Though I no longer own one, I had uniformly good luck with an early Kahr K9 and carried it quite a bit as a hidden back up gun when still a police officer. While it was long, the DAO pull was smooth and reasonably light. Reliability left nothing to be desired and I was pretty happy with the little thing.

After retiring, it saw not infrequent service as a "loaner" for CHL students who did not own a semiautomatic.

A casual friend of mine's wife wanted to buy it so I told her the make and model. A few days later her husband told me that she wanted THAT particular gun as she "knew" it worked "good" for her. A fair deal was struck and it has a new home.

I had an early P9 and neither I nor Kahr could correct the premature slide lock that occurred anytime I fired +P ammo in the pistol. From what I've read this problem has sort of died down so I'm hoping that Kahr was able to diagnose and correct later-made P9's. The problem occurred (in my opinion) from the different method of springing the hold open lever and its considerably lighter weight than the version on the K9.

Two good friends have and use K9 pistols with no complaints and have fired them over several years. They are (to me) quite comfortable and I've not seen one that was inherently inaccurate mechanically.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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