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Guy Smith's Gun Facts is the definative mythbusting manual. An absolute must-have.

His new version 4.0 is a free 630KB PDF download (in the screen version). In the light 87-page reference manual, Guy covers "assault weapons", concealed carry laws, the myth of "ballistic fingerprinting" and more.

Included in the fully referenced manual is information from the famous Lott studies and statistics directly from the F.B.I. and BATF.

Gun Facts debunks myths, lays common misconceptions to rest, and shatters lies by prominent gun-control organizations.

I'd encourage anyone concerned about our Second Amendment rights -- or simply curious about the real story -- to download a copy. Visit Guy's site and check out other documents offered and contribute if you can.

I have found Gun Facts indespensable in composing letters, formulating arguments, and writing blogs. I hope you will find it as helpful.

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