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Here in Mexico the largest caliber (in semiauto handguns) a citizen can posses legally is the .380 acp. Yes there are so many citizens who owns (ilegally) large calibers and some (a minority) has permition to won large calibers.

However keep in mind the Mexican Federal Law about firarms and ammo I must to adhere to it.

I own a german walther ppk/s in .380 acp, I know it's not a boomer but just wonder, how many of you have/use of of these for self defense.

You have no the restrictions I have but it's the .380 acp so bad?


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Hello, Manny. The cartridge is just a tad "ligher" than I prefer for my minimum carry gun, but were it my only choice, I'd go with it and go for good solid mulitiple hits. While most consider the .380 not a powerhouse, and I concur, man can make do with what he has assuming skill and willingness to shoot. I recall seeing a man's femur broken from a hit with a .380 95-gr. FMJ.


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I've never owned a 380 but my father uses a PPK as his primary carry gun. The 380 has been a common backup gun for decades in this country, along with the 38 snub. And didn't the Europeans use 32acp's and 380's as police side arms for many years? Yes, there are more effective calibers available to many of us but the 380 should work if you can do your part.


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Practice a lot and if possible, try some Hornady XTPs. I think this design fits the .380 caliber better than any other caliber available.

A .380 in the hands of a trained shooter is better than a half decent shooter with a .45.

Personally, I would feel alright with one.
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