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Howdy folks,

Some of you may recall I started a post to compare the XD with the Glock a while back


well in continuation to that post i have a few observations and questions.

the gun in question has proved to be extremely popular and rapidly gaining notoriety in Australia.
we now have several models at arms reach. I have discovered the rear slide rails on the frame are molded polymer and not a steel insert as i first thought. has anyone had any reservations about this design, or seen any premature wear, breakages etc.

we have two models. the 9mm and the 357Sig.

I found the 357 slide is about 1mm wider than the 9mm due to a wider barrel but the rail groves seem to be the same size. despite this the 357Sig slide and barrel will only mount about half way onto the 9mm frame but the 9mm slide and barrel will mount the 357 frame and the gun will "dry fire" no problem.

I have not attempted to fire live ammo doing this in-case there are other unseen issues, hence the questions.

can these parts be interchanged and are the guns built with this intention if needed.

any feed back welcome

cheers BB.
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