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Hello. Obviously this site is one where the discussion of firearms is the major activity along with the associated topics of ammunition, terminal performance, practical vs. mechanical accuracy, and so forth.

Brands will be compared to each other. This is fine, normal and can be a service for folks interested in such firearms but I respectfully ask that such discussions be intelligent and in line with the rules, i.e., not rude, profane or boorish.

For example, let's say someone posts a question about Brand X automatic.

A response like, "Oh, they're just great" or taking the other side, "They suck", really doesn't say much. If a person holds that particular firearm in high esteem, it would seem reasonable that he can explain why. Likewise, if he doesn't, it would seem that he/she could relate why. Real world observations and experiences by folks not receiving advertising dollars might very well be considered useful to the person considering buying a Brand X automatic.

This is not a call for being able to "document" your findings as is commonly seen on some other boards, albeit usually in "stopping power" discussions. No one is expected to respond with "On May 9th, 1978 @ 4:21PM, I saw Brand X automatic pistol jam repeatedly" or anything else like that. We are not trying to write a doctoral thesis in our posts, but being able to relate why we take a certain point of view is important and I think, of value to our readers.

Your help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

Best and thanks in advance.
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