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Highly recommend looking into one of these for dryfiring and administrative handling: http://www.safedirection.com/.

Several versions made, one of which is designed for use as a backstop when DRY FIRING. (And of course you still need to put it someplace where you won't muzzle-sweep things that should not be shot.) Won't help MRC with his original question -- SafeDirection ballistic pads are "one boom only" -- but when dry firing or administratively handling the pistol, it give you a no kidding safe place to point the muzzle. No holes in the book case and six of your favorite books, no holes in the drywall and studs or TV, no holes in your significant other, kids, neighbors, or pets if you really screw up.

I've posted on these before, and some people seem to think this is somehow cheating and giving yourself permission to have an ND, but this is nonsense. If you pick up a gun, you are running the risk of an ND, period. People are fallible. You have to point the muzzle someplace. There's really no excuse for not having a safe place to do so, and really, book cases and gun safes and corners of rooms are not safe places, they are just least-bad choices.

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