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+1 on Dave's comments regarding the dry fire session being over, and on keeping ammo out of the practice area. As a LEO supervisor I had to investigate negligent discharges by officers both on duty and off. In almost every case the officer had cleaned his pistol, dry fired it for a while at his favorite electrical outlet or light switch, and then reloaded the weapon. After a cup of coffee and a phone call or two, he returned, picked up the pistol, took careful aim on his favorite electrical outlet or light switch, and blew it out the back side of the wall.

I saw this time and time and time again, even in the designated cleaning area of the station. So when you're finished dry firing, avoid temptation and put the gun away for a while......unless the zombies are attacking in force you don't need to reload it immediately after the session anyway. Give yourself some time to get your brain back in gear before reloading, and follow Dave's advice to avoid reloading in the practice area.

We were always trained to dry fire into the corner of a room, where there are lots of studs to stop an inadvertant shot. Also, a piece of tree trunk about a foot thick and a couple of feet in diameter makes a very good bullet trap/backstop for dry firing exercizes. Best wishes.

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