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My 2 cents on dry firing and safety,

Holsters can be used to make guns safe.

My carry gun is a SA 1911 that I carry in an in the waist band holster. I store it at home in a drawer loaded, cocked and locked in the holster.

I store it that way all the time. If it's in the holster and in the drawer it's ALWAYS LOADED and I treat it as such.

When I practice dry firing it I take it out of the drawer, unload it, go to a different room and do drawing from concealment drills etc. When I'm done I load it put it in the holster and it goes back in the drawer every time.

I don't leave it laying around in the holster unloaded. NEVER

I don't leave it laying around out of the holster loaded. NEVER

Therefore if I see it in the holster I KNOW it's loaded. If it's out of the holster at home it's unloaded.

I don't carry it around in the house loaded. I put it on and leave. I come home and put it away.
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