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Independence ammo

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Anyone try Independence ammo? Blue & white box with big star logo. Says made by Ammunition Accessories Inc. Lewiston, ID.
No web site that I could find.
38special 130gr FMJ (blunt nose) rounds look good, $10/box/50.
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Ammunition Accessories Inc
(208) 746-2351
2299 Snake River Ave
Lewiston, ID 83501



Appears to be a division of Speer/CCI/Blount/ATK/whatever they're called this week.


Hope this helps some.


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WOW!! thanks, Pat,
looks like maybe a low cost division of Speer, like UMC is low cost part of Remington. Haven't fired the stuff yet, but it sounds OK.
I have used their 38sp ammo and found it quite satisfactory,if a little dirty,hope this helps Doug
You're most welcome, as always. Glad to have been of help.

From reading the first link, they seem to be a military contract division, so maybe they sell the overruns?

That outfit has some cool toys, like a 50mm rapid-fire gun.


thanks again, Pat,
went and looked at some ammo boxes and one CCI box I have says on the side Ammunition Associates, Inc. CCI/Speer operations Lewiston, ID. Really a big conglomerate with million$ gov. contracts, etc.

Oh, BTW, jonnyc, the stuff I got is 38special 130gr. Haven't seen any 9mm from them.
Do you suppose it's surplus military ammo they are putting on the commercial market to get rid of it? And put it in a new box named Independence.
I've never seen it before this year.
No, it's def commercial, h/s is (* I * caliber).
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