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Hello all,

I was an early member of this forum, having found it by way of Steve's site. I never posted since I was in a "learn everything that I can" mode and this place is the best. I was disappointed when one day I couldn't get on, having been trimmed due to inactivity. Oh well, Josh was very nice and suggested a posting here to get above the trim threshold. Here it is.

By way of introduction, I have shot pistols infrequently for several years with a friend who has several. It was fun and he described my "skill" as "remarkably good". I think that meant that I hit the target most of the time.

My 15 year old daughter has a friend that shoots an olympic air pistol and went along several times. She loved it. We enrolled her in a pistol safety class and although she shot a Ruger .22 for most of the class, one of the instructors invited her to stay after and try something else. She shot 50 rounds of 9mm with a Glock and a Hi-Power. She hated the Glock and loved the Hi-Power.

I started looking into shooting opportunities and information about pistols and found Steve's site with all of its great info and bought a copy of his book. My daughter now has a Sig-Hammerli Trailside and I have a Hi-Power Practical. I love them both.

Thank you all for the high quality technical info and the low amount of socio-political fluff. I come here to learn about guns.


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Hello and welcome back. We all have political views, but I envision this site as one for talking guns and ammunition. Many of us are active politically and with several Pro-Second groups; I am, but this site is for guns.

I'm not criticising other sites that have other topics, but when I go to a gun site, I don't care to hear opinions on various types of tattoos, etc.

So, that's how it is here.

Likewise, I've grown more than weary of seeing folks not able to discuss topics on firearms or ammo preferences w/o resorting to name calling and flaming. That's just not done here, either. Well, not but once...

Josh and I want this site to be on topic and while there will be disagreements and opinion differences, we will all be civil. Too often some new folks are hesitant to post where
all they get for their efforts is either being told that "everyone knows..." or "That's dumb, why don't...." and that sort of thing.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words and again, welcome.


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What Mr. Camp said.

Sir, I do want to thank you for posting at least once. With the administrative controls I have here I cannot always discern between active members and those who register and leave.

I've decided that the best course of action at this point is to trim those who have zero posts and have not been on in a while that I've seen.

Prior to trimming I send out general email and PM messages. Those who respond within a week do not get trimmed.

I do feel bad about trimming legitimate members and do everything in my power to keep that from happening. Mistakes are made however and I do apologise.

Josh <><
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