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Hi there,

"Guns are like shoes, you need different styles for different occasions." Its all about ergonomics.

I've owned several different glocks and several different 1911's. I am engendered with Glocks percieved softer recoil in its compact and full size frame versions. It fits fits my hand very well and allows me to get a closer hand to bore axis hold on the pistol. Therefore, I tend to shoot it more accurately--particularly in the 9MM loading.

I also have great confidence in my Colt series 80 Combat Target .45. It fits well and with the right ammunition will cut ragged holes at 15 yards.

The gun I absolutely shoot the best with is my FEG PJK 9HP 9mm Hi Power clone. With a steel frame and moderate recoil, I have not done better.

Which gun do I carry and take with me on out of town trips? My Glock 23 in .40 Smith and Wesson.

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