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North American Arms of Spanish Fork Utah is hard at work building an ultra-small (read: "I" sized frame .32 H&R Magnum!)
Yeah! That's the ticket!

I can't wait!


P.S. Before anyone asks, I have no more information than this, and I heard about it on The High Road. Development is reportedly "hush-hush"

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Interesting. The I frame is a favorite of mine. Would be seriously cool if they'd fit an I frame up with a 9mm five-shot cylinder. The ergonomics of a Terrier with near-357 mag performance.

Keep us posted please.



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I understand that Taurus has already done just that! It's called the "IB" or "Instant Backup" and uses full-moon clips. I have heard that their "moon clips" are just a bit on the flimsy side, (be forewarned.)


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IS IT JUST ME? I have very little interest in a 32 Mag. Why? They are expensive to feed and I do not see a thing the cartridge can do for me that a 38 Special can not do. Yes, I owned a 4" M631 for years and sold it. As I said the 32 Mag and the M631 garnered little interest from me. Regards, Richard

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May 2005

.32 H&R Magnum Mini-Revolver

What happened to April?

I'm pleased to announce that NAA has engaged a firearms designer and charged him with the design of a 'as-small-as-possible' .32 H&R Magnum single-action minirevolver.

Some of you will recall that we conducted just such an exercise a couple of years ago. The results were very disappointing; the prototype was big, heavy, ungainly and something which we felt was 'not ready for prime time'.

What's different this time? A new designer. Any promises? No, just lots of anticipation, expectations and anxiety. When? No clue. Why? Because we listen to you. Stay tuned.
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