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A man brought one into my studio for me to photograph: a Walther P.38. According to him, it was made in 1940, and this particular model was made for only 4 months by the Walther factory, before the Germans starting having them made by Mauser and a couple of other companies. It doesn't have the (then) secret letter codes they used to identify who made them.
He told me that there are "reportedly" only 4 in existence. Don't know what it would be worth.
Sorry, but I can't give any details about proof marks or serial numbers (they match on the frame and slide), and I definitely can't post a photo, because the images are going to Germany to be used in a book.
It showed a little wear, but was a really beautiful piece, and I just got a major kick out of getting to fondle it.

Got to shoot a real pre WWII Luger w long bbl and shoulder stock once. Owner picked it up at a bargain along w some other good stuff when the Brits banned handguns yrs ago. He said he was going to shoot it that day at the range and probably never again. Lucky me.
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