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Hydra Shoks in 50-round boxes

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I can't stand those little 20-round boxes of high dollar ammo. I always end up feeling ripped off, but often that's the only game in town for the ammunition I want.

Cheaper Than Dirt ( http://www.cheaperthandirt.com ) has .45 Hydra Shoks marked Premium / Tactical for $21.47 a box of 50, which is a considerably savings from the local price of $16 for a box of 20 rounds, which works out to around $40 for 50. My order arrived yesterday. :)

They also list some others in the Federal line, all with significant savings.
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I feel the same way about those pricey boxes of ammo.

Thanks for your post. The info is very useful.

I feel your pain and that's why I roll my own. I like to practice with what I am going to carry and I just can't afford high dollar ammo on a fixed income.
That's why I usually go for Remington Golden Sabres or Hornady Tap. Five more rounds to a box, and two or three dollars less than the competition.
Whell,I will thell you one simple detail.If you live in Croatia,you would pay any HQ ammo 2 Euro per piece.Why ? Because here,you can read about something like Golden Saber or Hydra Shock and look at the pictures,but there is no place where you could buy something like this.And,I have test fired Hydra Shock,Gold Dot and Starfire in balistic gelatine.Original ammo,off course,not reload.Must admit,Im not impresed with their performance,at all.If they manage to open,there is only a shorter penetration,and small improvement in permanent wound channel. The best wound results I manage to get whose with my hand load 9mm 115grs JHP - 1354fps/s;9mm 123grs Mega Shock - 1270fps/s and 124grs Rainier Funnel Points - 1260fps/s. These ammo I test fired in balistic gelatine with and without couple layers of clouse over,and they ofer significant amount of damage.Much better than any of the "ammo stars in the USA".
Especially Sierra 115grs JHP and 124grs Funnel Point.They are devastating.Penetration is (SIERRA ) 10 inch,Funnel Point 11 inch and Mega Shock 12 inch.The weapon whose GLOCK 17.
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Welcome, Kaligula - I think I recognize you from another forum. Good to have someone from Croatia here - I sure could go for a Karlova
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