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Bangbang and all,

While I'm not totally ga-ga over the .357 SIG vs. the .40 S & W I do think it is a superb self defense caliber.
My own .357 Sigs are a P226 Elite (class act) and a .40 S &W BHP Practical with an EFK Firedragon coversion barrel in .357. My opinion is that the .357 SIG in a Hi-Power positively ROCKS!
To date I have over 1,000 rounds through both platforms and had ZERO stoppages. 850 rounds of those were my reloads.
While I've heard problems with bullet set back and other issues with the round I have experienced none of them. The Sig and Hi-Power just continue to eat the ammo and say "more please".
The only drawback I've seen to the round is still cost of ammunition. I overcame that by ordering a case of 125 Gr. Winchester Ranger SXT Law Enformcement loads (RA357SIGT).
I see this as a reloaders proposition unless you have the back door key to Ft. Knox...;-)
Sorry to hear the .40 is banned for usage down there. Ain't bureacrats wonderful...

1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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