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How much do you shoot?

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Hello, We all talk guns and we all must really like them. As Mr. Camp said in his 1911 book '' I am Smitten". Just wondering how much do you shoot? In a week, year, centerfire, 22, revolver, auto, etc. I for example shoot 12,000-14,000 centerfire rounds in a year( from New York so it slows some in the winter) and the same in 22. Good mix of 9mm, 38cal, 357cal and 45ACP, new and reloads. I shoot revolvers and the auto loader. I look forward to the replies. Thank you.
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Hello Ace,

During the summer I put 100rnds per week downrange from each handgun I own at the time, at least 100 from any rimfire (rifle or pistol), and 50 from any shotgun.

My Taurus 92 has gotten the most attention with 10,000 rounds through it when I stopped counting. It's still runnin' with one locking block replaced. (Recommended replacement for Beretta and Taurus 92/96 locking blocks is every 5000 rounds anyway. I'm due for a replacement.)

Josh <><

- edited because I forgot to put "per week." I don't put 100 rounds through a pistol then stop practice ::)
Hello. In the last few months, I've not kept up with it as my range visits have been short other than for finishing up the book thing or evaluating ammunition, but normally around 300 rounds per week.

Holy cow, you all shoot alot ! I guess I'm a lightweight. I shoot about 200 rounds a month....mixed bag of 45ACP and 9mm.
I usually shoot once a week. Typically, it is 200 to 300 rounds of centerfire and a brick of .22LR.

Normaly, I shoot one session every week and put 1 1/2 box of 9 mm (70-80 sh.) and a half box (20-30) of another caliber - .22, .380, .38 spl or .45 - down the range. I shoot mostly my G26, CZ75, HP, SIG P210, SW MP and Colt LW Commander, sometimes my SIG Sauer P230. From time to time, I do an "historical shooting" just for the pleasure with my 1918 luger or my P38 or my 1916 "C" Colt. In SA mode, the P38 is very accurate...

My account - 100 - may seem low - it is indeed - but ammo is rather expensive in Switerland - 12 to 17 $ for a 50 box of 9 and 18-20 for a box of .38 or .45.


I know I'm neglecting my firearms. I've been out three times in the last month but only to watch my little brother shoot. He got it first rifle (CZ 452 Scout) about a month ago. Each time we went out we probably shot up 200-300 rounds. It is the most fun I've had shooting yet. I didn't even shoot a single shot. My little brother had never shot a gun before that.

Other than that I try to get out once every two weeks and shoot maybe 100 rounds. I have shot my guns in almost two months though. Its sad, it really is.

It varies. The qualification course I used to shoot was 60 rounds of full power .357s which was "sufficient" fun.

I probably shoot every other day, weather allowing. Primary piece is a wheelgun, and my standard routine is about 18 rounds from the leather, single draws, "ball & dummy" loading. That gives me approx. 36 draws and hammer falls, which keeps me in general tune. Most of the time I use a .38 Spl. load but enough .357s to keep myself honest.

I have a M18 S&W set up identically and shoot that the same way. Depending on the weather I may shoot up to 40 rounds the same way. This regimen keeps me where I want to be but ammo expenditure is minimized and I get maximum feedback. I don't think you have to be ankle deep in brass or own stock in Dillon to stay proficient.

Add in M1 Garand/M1A/SKS and misc. centerfire and rimfire autopistols and I suppose it's around 5-6000 rounds a year. Maybe more because those 8 lb. kegs of powder are going someplace.
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Hello. I agree that shooting/practicing regularly is better than lots of rounds with greater gaps in time between range visits.

A long time ago when I was a reloader I use to shoot 3000 rounds of centerfire (.45 acp the most, .357/.38 and 9 mm) per year and perhaps 3000 or 4000 rimfire rounds of .22 lr.

Nowdays I shhot about 200 rounds of 12 ga shotgun per week and maybe 100-150 rounds of .22 lr.
Centerfire ammo (with my walther ppks and my python and s&w revolver) about 200-300 rounds per year.

I'm not a reloader anymore and centerfire handguna ammo starting at $30.00 american dollars per box of 50 (aguila mexican ammo) is too much for my wallet to shoot every week a box.

I've been averaging about every other week at the range; around 60 rounds of .40, and 25+ rounds of .357 and/or 25+ rounds of 9mm. The rifle range once a month for about 30-60 rounds of .223, and about 20+ rounds of .44 or 30-30 (both short Levers & up close out to 100+ yards).

Dry fire about ten minutes a day, 3 to 4 days a week minimum.
Hello all,

I used to put about 2-300 rounds of c/f through my carry pistol in a session (and I like to get to the range at least once a week). But that's become a bit expensive. When I begin to reload that should take the edge off a bit (or create more costs -- we'll see).

Then I discovered rimfire.

O Happy Day!

I shouldn't say I "discovered" rimfire. I bought a Browning .22LR pistola and now I'm back up to a good 3-400 rounds worth of handgun trigger time at a sitting.

Sometimes I feel almost guilty, like I'm neglecting my carry pistols. The trigger time with the .22 really does carry over, in some ways, to the c/f guns, I rationalize, but not in all ways.

I guess the important thing is that I get my daily recommended value of lead and powder smoke so I don't get listless and cranky.

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I've got a 50 yard range in the back yard and a 100 yard range about 300 yards away in the woods.

So I shoot a fair amount but usually not a lot at a time.
Sometimes I might shoot two or three times or more in a day and not shoot for several days.

It can be boring shooting by yourself, so I expend the most rounds in a day when friends come over to shoot.

Most of the time I have a couple guns in the shop waiting to be cleaned.
When I begin to reload that should take the edge off a bit (or create more costs -- we'll see). -S
That is absolutely true. My .40 ammo is supplied by work, but I supply the rest & for training the .357/.38, .44, and 30-30 are all handloads. Basic 9mm & .223 can be found pretty cheap.
That is absolutely true. My .40 ammo is supplied by work, but I supply the rest & for training the .357/.38, .44, and 30-30 are all handloads. Basic 9mm & .223 can be found pretty cheap.
Which is absolutely true, that it will take the edge off my costs (not counting initial startup, of course), or that I will have found another financial black hole?

Exactly the same about as justdavid.
This time of year, all of my shooting is at a paid indoor range (handgun calibers, only). Therefore, I usually shoot once a week for about an hour. Depending upon gun and caliber, this amounts to approximately 150 - 250 rounds.
1-2 times each month and I always shoot my car/carry gun. I probably shoot 4,000 rounds per year. Regards, Richard:D
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