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Hipower MK II

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Hello all. I've been reading your website for awhile now but this is my first post. I have a question about a hipower I bought a few months ago. The SN is 245PT12XXX. I believe it is a MK II but it doesn't match discriptions I've read elswhere. It is bright blue with the single sided small saftey. The sights are fixed with the half moon front sight. The top of the slide is smooth without the sight rib. The hammer is spur type. The finish looks brand new. I bought it for $450 w/ 3 hicap mags. What do I have and is that price OK. Any help is appreciated.
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Hello & Welcome,

You have a 1986 Commerical/Standard Model, it is also refered to as a Classic because it is a forged frame gun, as of late 1993 early 1994 all the High Powers now have cast frames. You did good!

I moved your post up to Semiautos, the Tech section is for site/computer problems & questions.

Take Care,
The Sockman
Thanks Sockman. I'm new to the hipower and to posting. Thanks again for the help.
Wellcome AB82,

Sockman is right, as usual. You'll find lot of infos on Mr. Camp site and also on www.fnhipower.com, which is dedicated to this great Browning/Saive design.

You acquired a great gun, a classic and a real beauty.


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