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I just bought my first Hi-power and I love it. My question is about mark III serial #'s. I thought it was supposed to start w/ 510, but I've seen some start w/ 511. Is this a correct start of a mark III serial #? Thanks

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Hello. Yes, I believe it is. In '98, the 510 was used to designate that the gun was a Hi Power. Since that time, I recall seeing some with 511's so I guess FN has changed that. (FN is notorious about "little" changes here and there and production dates are sort of "suggestions" rather than hard and true fact in many instances. For example, T-series Hi Powers are reportedly made through 69 or 69, but now and again a T-serial number shows up on a gun made in '70 or '71. I guess they had some T-numbered frames left.)

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