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Hi-Power T-Series question

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Hi, I'm a first-time poster here. After looking into 9mm semi-autos, I'm finding I really like what I hear about the classic Browning Hi-Power. Several people have strongly recommended that the T-series is the "classic"--the high point in quality, looks and performance. I also like the 1911-like ring style hammer's looks (less bite?). But I also have seen HPs online with that style hammer that are apparently made and assembled in Belgium that are not listed as "T-series" models. I'm guessing they may have been made just after (or before) the 60's. My question is, is it worth it for me to hold out until I find a good T-series model? How do the HPs made in the 70s, 80s compare? How do the current production models compare in terms of quality of workmanship, reliability, etc.?
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Hello and welcome.

Here are my thoughts on the T's.

The bluing/finish is almost always very, very good as is fit and trigger pulls are usually lighter than on current Hi Powers. (This is not limited to the T-series, but also those made in the '70's and '80's. Now and again I've seen a current Mk III, Standard, etc with a really nice trigger out of the box, but not so often as in years past.)

They probably do represent the zenith of the classic Hi Power as the ring hammer ended (supposedly) with them as a regular item on the gun. I find the FN ring hammer to bite more than the spur hammer that followed it.

I cannot prove it, but I THINK the T's are highly desired because of their having the ring hammer and being the last high-volume production Hi Powers having them. Several that I've owned and/or shot fed several JHP's fine despite having the ramped barrel. One or two had poor trigger pulls out of the (then) zipper pouch.

If you want a T as a shooter, they can be found, but I'd not go to the "trouble" unless I were going to leave it pretty well stock or make only changes that could easily be
reversed to stock if selling/trading is ever to be considered. If I intended to keep it forever, I'd make whatever changes, permanent or not, that I wanted...if I felt I needed any at all.

At the range, the T guns shot fine and the smallish fixed sights were usually pretty well "on." I have not seen them shoot any better than current Mk III-type Hi Powers.

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