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Why: I'm a hobbyists gunsmith, a weekend warrior type. I've built a few 1911s, ARs, Bolt actions, and id consider myself an expert in the Browning A5. But there is one gun I always wanted to built up into an excellent duty/ccw weapon, the Hi Power. So I acquired an imported FN from the 60s. It has lots of slop in the slide to frame fit and some beautiful wear. Trigger is garbage, controls are "meh". All stuff that can be over looked. But my particular example displays a terminal wound. Poor thing had a crack in the slide going all the way around below the ejection port.

What I'm Asking: What slides would be compatible with my gun if any besides finding one of the same model? Slides are already hard to come by so I'm not particularly picky to specific models. I just want my gun to be safe.
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