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Hi Power info

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Any info would be much appreciated. Have no clue on year of manufacture as well as proof marks. See photos. Thanks
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Congrats on owning a BHP. I have two. They are my fave pistols to go shooting with and my Mk. III is on my nightstand. I was fortunate enough to get mousetrap magazines, which I prefer. My other BHP is a C77 that I bought used. It had a gash in the rear sight, but I was fortunate to find someone on another forum that had a good one in his spare parts box. He didn't charge me so I am "paying it forward" as he requested and happy to do so as I do that anyway. For my own personal preference, I changed out the hammer to a skeletonized one, along with the sear. While I did not get hammer bite, for some reason while handling the guns irritated the web of my hand. I also changed the grips. One pair I bought from a dealer in Turkey. They are slimmer, wooden grips and may not last me, but my son can always put on whatever he likes. Good shootin' to ya.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts