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Hello. I recently was afforded the opportunity to test a holster made by Eric Larsen of Holsters by Eric (HBE) for the Browning Hi Power. You may recall that I did a report on a prototype holster he did for the CZ-75 a while back.

In short, this is a really good holster. As is the case with many custom holsters, it is tight until used a bit, but then holds the pistol quite securely yet allows for a rapid presentation if necessary.

This good looking holster fits the Hi Power 9mm Mk III snugly but allows for a speedy presentation if necessary. The rear belt slot turns the but into the body to aid concealment and I found it quite comfortable. It does not move from the position its placed and nothing on the holster interfers with quickly getting a proper grip on the gun for the draw. The holster is well built and more than ample stitching is used for a long service life.

I've used Mr. Larsen's HBE holsters with CZ-75's as well as the Makarov. (By the way, the Makarov OWB holster fits the Bersa .380 quite nicely.) Like the one shown, they are OWB holsters but he does offer IWB holsters for folks preferring them.

This holster exudes quality and I was most favorably impressed.

A more detailed report is here:


Mr. Larsen's site is at:


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