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Hi Steve and people, my name is Manny and I'm a Mexican who loves guns,ammo and tactics, Steve Knows me well from another guns forums like smith&wesson forum, fff and others.

Been a Mexican and gun lover is not an easy thing, my goberment is very restrictive about firearms, ammo and explosives and right now a Mexican can only possesone gun for the protecction of belongings and family, a sport shooter or hunter can posses only 9 long guns and 1 short gun right now!

However Scumbgas can posses what ever they want AK47's , .40 caliber handguns you name it.

Trying to be a good citizen and not breaking the law I rely on my german walther ppks in .380 acp the largest cahmbering a citizen can posses legally, the other large caliber can be a .38 spl revolver, but any hangun above .38 spl in revolvers and .380 acp in semiautos is forbiden.

Ammo, well I have't have any choices and the only ammo available at the local sporting goods atore recognized by the army only has Aguila (Mexican ammo) 95 grains fmj .380 acp that retails $35.00 american dollars per box of 50 rounds.

As you may see what you consider a mouse gun is the largest caliber I can legally posses.

Do you carry or posss .380 acp hangun for you safety?

Best Regards

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Howdy Manny. I don't currently own a .380, but I have considered obtaining one as a BUG. It stinks that you are in such a predicament that you can't use the best tools to protect you and yours.

Just be good with the .380ACP.

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Hola Manny, como esta usted?

No hablo mucho espanol, necissito requerdo.

Es un thread del .380acp en "Ammo discussion."

(I hope I didn't butcher that too much.)

Josh <>< (aka El Chivato)

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Sounds a lot like New Jersey.

Another interesting tidbit: American hunters coming to Mexico have to use local shells.

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Hi, Manny. Welcome to the forum. I know about restrictive gun policies - I live in Canada where, while we can obtain more handguns than you can, we have to go through a lot of bureaucracy to get them. We're better with long guns, though. Anyway, welcome aboard!

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