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Help me with a steel/case/jacket database

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There is sometimes confusion about whether a certain ammo has a steel cartridge case or if the bullet itself is steel or steel jacketed. Many times there are complaints that shooting ranges will not allow such ammo and that means maybe the bargain surplus ammo you bought can't be used. I only have limited data on a few brands.

So I request your help this way.....

Please check any ammo you have using a small magnet, even a refrigerator magnet should work if you don't have one of those little red horseshoe types.

Check both the case and the bullet. Note if the the magnet attracts the ammo and where. Post your findings here with complete info on caliber, brand, grain, std or +p, etc. and which part of the round the magnet attracts. The magnet attracts steel, not brass or copper or lead. Most foreign surplus ammo used some steel. Rarely is the whole bullet steel or steel cored. If you think a bullet is solid steel state how you determined that. Otherwise it is most likely only steel jacketed.

Only data I have right now is...

Russian Brown Bear 9x18 Makarov 115gr JHP has steel case and steel jacketed bullet

Russian Barnaul 9x18 Makarov 95gr FMJ has steel case and steel jacketed bullet.

Surplus Yugo 8mm Mauser 195gr solid point has brass case and steel jacketed bullet.

Surplus Russian 7.62x54 Tokarev 150gr pointed w/plastic tip has brass case and copper coated steel jacketed bullet.

So you see why I need your help with a better data base.

Steel jacketed bullets, especially the pointed FMJ type, typically have some armor piercing qualities and it's easy to see why a shooting range would not want them used if the backstop was fabricated of a bullet catching material. Ammo with steel cartridge cases also would mess up a ranges recyle program unless they use a magnet to sort out the steel.

Comments welcome also.

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