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I guess you could say I'm a friend of Mr. Camp's. Haven't had the honor of meeting him in person yet though. I just left the Marine Corps after over 8 years and got a job in California which is where I'm at now unfortunately for my guns. I plan to make a little money out here and move on back to a sane state=Wyoming which is my home state. My little brother is in the Marine Corps as well. He's an 8541 Scout Sniper and is deployed in Fallujah as I write this. My primary interest is semi auto handguns and intelligent and polite discussion. If I rant and rave about FP10 too much, let me know because I really love that stuff :)

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Hello and welcome.

I have respect for the Marine Corps though I've never had the priviledge to serve.

Ya' gotta' be a bit touched to be a Scout Sniper in my opinion. That said, at one point I was aiming for Scout Sniper, Navy SEAL, or an MP.

My deepest respect to you and your brother Sir.

Intelligent and polite discussion is what we're about- no worries there. Intelligence is also knowing when to ask questions- I've got a few of my own which I'll be posting when time permits, so no worries.

Again, welcome, and please enjoy the board!


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