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Hi everyone, I just wrote an article on the P7 that Mr. Camp placed in the "Other Handguns" portion of his site.

My experience with the P7 goes back about 20 years. Originally bought a brand new M8 for $425 in 1986 and foolishly traded it off about ten years later for double that plus.

Since I normally carry a 1911, a few comments:

First, I don't find the squeeze cocker a problem, if you are grasping the butt of your pistol tightly enough to ensure good function and recoil control, I cannot see how this is much different from any other handgun, honestly.

Second, yes, it does mean you have to adjust to a different manual of arms. I do wish my earlier PSP had the ambi mag release levers, in particular, but that is a feature that HK uses in the USP without complaint about being "different," yes? I'll agree about the "hidden" slide lock, though I cannot imagine a scenario one respondent wrote when he talked about a double feed malfunction clearance drill. Between the tapered 9 case and the near straight shot into the chamber, coupled with a weapon that doesn't even need an extractor to function, I just can't see this.

Third, the low bore center axis and very quick reset trigger, along with the light slide means that the recoil recovery and follow up shots are fast. Probably faster than any other standard pistol in my experience.

Heat shields in the M8, M10, and M13 models is simply a plastic piece in the upper inside portion of the lengthened trigger guard of those pistols, and only protects one's index finger while it is in the guard.

While cocking the pistol is accompanied by a somewhat loud "click," to decock it nearly silently one can depress a small metal piece just behind the root of the trigger guard, upward while releasing the squeeze cocker. Those that have one of these pistols, try that. It works.

Hope that clarifies things a bit. Yes, it's a bit odd, but that doesn't make it any the less efficient a bullet launcher. One would only wish for a .45!!
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