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Have not been welcomed yet, but

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Are there any other Kel-Tec P-3AT owners out there ? And what say yea? I love mine, let me hear from some of you guys. :)
??? ::) :-*
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There are a lot of Kel-Tec users on here, but I'm not one of them, so I'll sit back and read.


Hello and welcome to the site. I'm not a KT shooter but I believe we have members here who are.

Hello Flounder22,

Welcome to the board! I'll bet the P-3AT is just the ticket for LA and I've visited Mobile/Fairhope during your sultry summers!

I've owned a P-3AT, P-32 and P-11. All three were fine handguns and the P-3AT was a favorite when I owned it. I purchased a S&W 642-2 which took its place as my pocket handgun of choice and felt the P-3AT was not needed anymore.

The nice thing about the P-3AT was its trigger pull and the fine accuracy it was capable of at relatively close distances. It was something its larger sibling the P-11 was incapable of and I would scratch my head and wonder why Kel Tec didn't put the same trigger in the 9mm.

I'd certainly buy a 2nd generation again if I felt the need to own one.

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Thanks for the replies and the welcome guys. Chris, you are so right, Cold front came through, only 90 today. P-3 disappears in front pocket of cargo shorts.
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I have a PF-9 but it is restricted to ball ammo. I am thinking about replacing it with a Walther PPS after while.
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