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Put my hands on one of these, yesterday.


It was nice. The palm swell didn't fit me at all, but otherwise, it was comfy. the serrations on the grip straps are a very good addition, but I'd prefer checkering. Easier trigger reach and better factory trigger than a CZ, the latter owing mostly, I'd imagine, to the lack of a firing pin block, evidenced by the lack of the pin necessary to retain it. Slide to frame tolerances seemed fairly tight, but not appreciably tighter than those of a CZ. Sights were dovetailed, which I prefer over the CZ, and that hump at the rear does provide some assistance getting a hold of the slide serrations, a problem some people with larger hands note with the CZ.


The full-length guide rod was unnecessary, and should have been omitted. Also, the safety is going to make a lot of gunsmiths good money, silver-soldering extensions onto it. Armalite should have stuck with the gently sloped hump of the CZ safety, which provides adequate surface area for a thumb to ride, without providing a sharp enough angle for clothing or skin to catch against and disengage. this safety looks like it would be markedly uncomfortable to ride during recoil. There was way too much grease in the action, and anyone who buys one of these should expect to need to degrease it.

If Hakan Pek starts making grips for these, I may get one, but without a set of custom grips with a higher palm swell, the gun just won't fit my hand.

For others, however, this gun might fit perfectly. If so, provided reliability proves to be present, these will be fine guns, in my opinion.
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