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Hello. I am happy to announce that Hakan Pek of "Grips by Hakan" is soon to be offering grips for the Hi Power pistol. He'd received numerous requests for these and after much effort has been able to conquer the problems associated with making these.

So far as I know, I have the only protype set in existence and Mr. Pek will not be getting these back...unless he asks!

Here they are on a 9mm Mk III Hi Power.

These are the same stocks on an older Hi Power.

These stocks fit without having to enlarge the grip screw hole as is sometimes required from other grip makers and they fit snugly into place and should not move or rotate fore and aft should the grip screws loosen during extended firing sessions.

While I do NOT have extended factory ambidextrous safeties on my Hi Powers, the extended lever on the left side of the pistol works just fine with Hakan's grips in place. I think they'll work fine with the ambis, but do not have a set here to try out.

These stocks will soon be available from Hakan Pek. For information on pricing, delivery times, and options in style, go to Mr. Pek's site at:


Contact information is there and you will find Hakan Pek to be a gentleman of the highest order.

For those interested, a more detailed report is at:


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