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Hi All,

The H&R revolver I've been working on is up and running. I was having a ball with it yesterday before I made it back online.

I got home from my camping trip and my mainspring assembly was waiting on me. Well, I opened the package and revolver both and put the new pieces in.

I went out to shoot. Hmmm... light trigger pull. Light strikes. Misfires. Not good.

I went back in and compared the springs. Voila! DO NOT BUY A MAINSPRING FROM NUMRICH GUN PARTS FOR AN H&R REVOLVER. THEY ARE WAAAAY WEAK. I have checked and I am not, by far, the only one with this problem. I cannot endorse Numrich's H&R springs. I installed the original spring and it began running right.

Single action mode is acceptable with a bit of creep; double action is heavy and good for close up work in an emergency. The handgun is reminiscent of the old DA cap'n'ball Starr revolver: it has a two trigger setup. The first, large trigger cocks the hammer and turns the cylinder. At the end of its travel it contacts a much smaller trigger and trips the trigger.

Mine has what are supposed to be adjustable sights; however, they are only adjustable for windage, and at any rate, they're frozen in place by rust that just won't quit. At the first shooting it shot low and to the left. It's not just me; I had my dad shoot it as well to confirm. All sources for parts I know of are out of rear sights and sight screws, so I took a file to it. It doesn't shoot as fine now, but will keep all nine shots on a playing card at about 15 yds, paced off, if I hold high.

Because of the lack of elevation adjustment I may leave it be for a while, opting instead for a red dot sight. I do not have the same issues the them on revolvers as I do on rifles. This will entale drilling and tapping for a mount, or perhaps milling the top of the frame though I'd hate to try this without the proper tools.

Overall, at the moment, I would give this revolver a 7/10 for accuracy, an 8/10 for dependability, a 6/10 for look and feel as the plow handle is too small for me; I need larger grip panels, and the triggerguard presses against my middle finger, and a 10/10 for pure fun.

I will be using this revolver for squirrel while I let my dad use my rifle. I have a carry permit and he does not. Additionally, I seem to be able to hit better at close ranges with a pistol when snapshooting than I can with a rifle.

This is a fun little gun; I'll enjoy it as long as I can get parts for it.

Josh <><

P.S. Pictures to follow as soon as I can find the digicam. Hopefully I can get the macro settings to work better as well as I want to show some very close up stuff.
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