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Greetings, all.

I'm looking for a compact Polyframed Semiauto in 9mm, and based on what I've seen so far the two I like most are the H&K P2000SK and the Springfield XD Subcompact. I like the H&K slightly better, which figures at $929 a copy. The Springfield's pretty impressive, though, and lots cheaper. Anybody have experience and insights to share regarding these or similar pistols?

I like the Glock model 27 as well, but I think these others may be a little safer, based on their longer trigger pulls (just my opinion, I'm open to being educated further) and the Springfield has a grip safety. I'd rather not shoot myself in the leg or foot due to a problem with the holster. I'm not ordinarily too klutzy, but you never know.


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Hi there,

I had a H&K USP Sub-Compact .45. I liked it for the most part, but got rid of it. It was a great gun, but not the one for me if I needed one in a pinch. After having owned the H&K and firing it a bit, I now know that polycarb composite pistols just aren't for me. I shot a LOT of rounds through it, upwards of 2000-3000 and never had one issue with it. it's fairly thick and I found that it didn't lend itself to CCW well. In the car glove box fine, but not on me. I've heard that this pistol from H&K is considered to be the Porsche of semi-auto pistols. While this may be true for some, it wasn't for me.

I did like the safety features on it though, the ability to go from safe, to fire, to de-cocked with the flick of a switch.

I haven't fired the Springfield but American Handgunner 2005 Annual had rave reviews about it. I spoke with a guy at my local gun shop that said he thought the trigger pull was a little stiff for his taste but liked it otherwise.

Just some thoughts.

Take Care.

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I have the xd in 4in. and the p2000 in 3.8in. The xd is a much better shooter. The trigger is lots easier to master. The p2000 is a high quality weapon and has had perfect reliability for me. The trigger, while safe, will require a real effort to become proficient. Both guns have ambidextrious mag releases. The p2000 has an ambi. slide release. Both are a good match for smallish hands.
The real differece is where on the curve between safety (long hard pull) and easy shooting(shorter lighter pull) you want your pistol to be.
Both are good guns in my opinion. So is the Glock 27. Good luck on your choice.

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I recently learned that H&K will only sell parts to an authorized H&K service/repair center. My local gun shop is an H&K dealer, but not an H&K service center. This gun shop is the largest in my state, but is unable to get any H&K parts from H&K. This may be an inconvenience should you need a small part, and the nearest service center is far away. This may or may not be an important factor in making your decision.

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I am in the unusual position of having both guns 'in house.' I have (too many) pistols, but decided that for the 'one next to the bed' I wanted something smallish, fast to get into action if needed (and my wife did not like 'cocked and locked') and with the provision for a rail to mount a combination light/laser. After a lot of trial and error, and since I cannot stand the trigger on a Glock (personal issue, my son loves his) I got the P2000SK and think it is perfect for what I need and want.

My wife, he is all of 5', found the HK too much for anything but range work. After more searching, she picked the XD 4" ported V10.

Having shot both, I would be hard pressed to say one is so superior to the other that it would come down to anything other than personal choice. Sure the HK is better finished, but it costs more. The Springfield has a marvelous trigger and the function on this one and one that belongs to a friend and which I have tired out in a 40 is excellent. Springfield factory service is outstanding as well.

So, if it is dollar issue, go with the Springfield. But either one will make you happy. Dave
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