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Dan's Sporting Goods (dansammo.com) is selling 200 round lots of Speer GD 9mm 147 grns for $80, or $.40 each. Compare this to a buck a piece at my local dealer's and - by the time I pay for shipping - $.80 each from Midway. By the time I pay the $11 for shipping from Dan's it's still only $91 for 200 rounds, or $.46 each. ( I have rounded to whole dollars and whole cents). This is 64% cheaper than buying from my dealer and almost half what it would cost me from Midway.

The drawbacks are that 1.) I have to shell out the $91 to buy 200 rounds at a time and 2.) Dan's is only offering these in the 147 grn. weight. When choosing bullets within the SAME MAKE and BULLET TYPE I prefer a "middle of the road" approach with a medium weight, medium speed round vs. going to the extreme on either end of weight or speed. Studying ballistics tables I consistently find the round that delivers the most fpe WITHIN THE SAME CALIBER is the "middle of the road". I've also read on the Net that some guns won't cycle the heavier bullets 'cause they are actually a little bigger than the 115 or 124 grns.
This still strikes me as a good deal if your gun will handle the heavier bullet and you don't mind buying 200 rounds at a time. Usually the money I think I'm going to save by buying ammo mail order gets eaten up by the shipping costs, but $11 for 200 rounds all the way to the East Coast seems very reasonable. Pls understand I don't work for Dan's, it just struck me as an unusually good buy.

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Hello and thank you for passing along this information for the crew here. FWIW, I have found the 147-gr. Gold Dot in factory loads to work w/o problem in the Hi Power and to group well. I have no doubt that the factory ballistics can be equalled or bettered with little problem should anyone be interested in this weight bullet for their 9mm Hi Powers. In .38 Super, I've handloaded these bullets with both good power and more than acceptable accuracy and the bullet held together (albeit raggedly) at 1200 + ft/sec.

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