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Hi All,

No pics yet.

Got a Taurus licensed Taurus PT92 model airsoft pistol for force on force practice, and indoor target practice.

Downsides: Made in France by Cybergun. I never heard of this brand but heck, I walked past it, looked at it, and it looked good. It uses an unrealistic magazine with unrealistic release, the rest of the grip being taken up by four "AAA" batteries. Except for the grips and trigger, it is clear plastic. It has a safety contacted by the middle finger, and the thumb safety doesn't move; it's only cosmetic. The trigger is of an LDA type; very light, but DAO.

Upsides: VERY accurate. It advertizes that from 11 ft it can hit a quarter. It can hit that from seven yards +. Inexpensive ($25) and the grips are, so far as I can tell, genuine Taurus. It has the proper Taurus markings as well. The slide blows back (electrically) after the pistol's shot.

I would give this a 75/100 point rating. It's not the best, and I've handled ones that are far more realistic. It's accurate, and resembles my daily sidearm close enough that I was able to hit dead on right out of the box. Speed reloads will be a problem, probably limiting this to "reload when there's plenty of time" and tac reload status. Realistic slide action adds to the appeal, though the hammer doesn't move.

I'll do a lot of shooting with it and get back to ya'll on how this does. I'll be pleasantly surprised if it lasts, but it's paid for itself already. Targets thus far: Fast food sack on the table, a couple butts, the cat and a few other miscellaneous items.

Alex can shoot it accurately as well.

I'd put it up against the Glock Airsoft I handled a while back, as long as the G18 model was not put on full auto -- too controllable!

Josh <><
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