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Hi All,

I have an AirSoft replica of my Taurus 92. I keep it on top of my night stand. I keep the real deal in the night stand drawer.

The cat has figured out how to bang on the door. I'm not talking quietly. He likes to really knock on it hard, waking me up.

I've taken to doing a controlled pair with the AirSoft on his rump. It's taken a couple months of practice, but I can now come out of a dead sleep with my AirSoft's front sight on his buttocks. I always hit with the first one, and about 75% of the time I hit with the second one. The other 1/4 of the time I come very close.

Now this has its advantages and disadvantages: I know that I can be instantly there with a firearm should I need to be. But, on the flipside, there's the possibility of grabbing the real deal and turning the cat into so much fluff. That doesn't concern me as much as grabbing the AirSoft when I'd really need the 9mm!

I do like practicing like this. It's not animal cruelty -- the specs on the AirSoft are only 137fps with a plastic 6mm .12 gram BB. I shot a squirrel 16 times and it just looked around, and shot myself point blank in the hand and barely raised a welt.

Does anyone have any thoughts on my practice? The pistols feel distinctly different -- plastic vs metal, weight, etc -- but there's still that possibility. Do you think the risks outweigh the pros?


Josh <><

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Does anyone have any thoughts on my practice?

If you're trying to get him to stop banging on the door, the actual Taurus will probably work better.

( ;) Not a cat fan . . . )
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